Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is understood to be a process of collecting information about users. The purpose of these actions is to improve the quality of the services it provides and the level of protection of player data. Generally, the information to be collected and stored relates to your credit history or to activities in specific areas on the site. You don’t have to worry about possible data leaks. The Company Uptown Pokies has developed special measures to prevent and punish such activities.

Privacy Policy at Uptown Pokies casino

Gathering information on UptownPokies Casino

It should start with the fact that not all player information is to be collected and stored. This is to reduce the risk of data leakage and to simplify the regulation of activities. The main information to be collected includes:

  • Surname, first name;
  • Personal information (date of birth, place of residence);
  • Addresses, contact telephone numbers, email;
  • Financial transactions and how they are made;
  • Time spent in separate sections.

All this is stored in special databases. They are subject to multi-stage encryption. They are accessed exclusively by the company’s employees.

Collection of personal information in Uptown Pokies casino

Uptown Pokies Privacy Policy: Ways to use players’ personal data

The purpose of collecting, processing, and storing information is to improve the quality of the services provided by the Company. There is, however, a closed list of where and by whom data may be used. These include:

  • The Company’s licensors;
  • Service providers.

However, there is also a list of the grounds on which personal data must be provided to them. Unreasonable access is strictly prohibited.

use of personal information of Uptown Pokies casino players

Liability measures for breaches of the privacy policy

There are penalties for breaching any of the privacy policies. These can be either temporary or permanent. These include:

PermanentTotal blocking of the account without the right to create a new one
TemporarySetting time or financial limits, restricting a number of functions

There are different approaches to identifying offenders. Generally, everything is monitored by the company’s computer algorithms. However, users themselves can also denounce players who violate the rules. To do so, they need to contact the support service.

image of policeman, liability for breach of the privacy policy in Uptown Pokies casino

Rules for the provision of personal data

To make sure that the collection of information about you does not come as a surprise to you, you should familiarize yourself with this in advance. The basic conditions set out include:

  • Learning the rules of the company before you start playing;
  • Using the functions of the platform in full agreement with the terms and conditions set out;
  • Providing only valid data;
  • Not divulging information, even if it is inadvertently obtained by you;
  • Prohibiting you from purposely seeking data from other players.

These and many other rules will allow you to avoid getting penalized. However, only if you stick to them.

Rules for the provision of personal data at Uptown Pokies casino

How does a player report a breach of the privacy policy?

Most players are interested in how they should protect themselves against violations of the privacy policy. One way is to report a breach to the helpdesk. This can be done in the following ways:

  1. Open the official website of Uptown pokies;
  2. Go to the Support section;
  3. Select the method of chat or email;
  4. Describe your problem and follow all operator instructions.

This will allow you to punish the offender and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Australian player reports breach of privacy policy at Uptown Pokies casino